CoinDash has published the two finalists of their Moon Trader competition. You can now go on, read, learn from them and upvote your favorite one!

What is Moon Trader

Moon Trader is a competition for cryptocurrencies, crypto assets trading and investment analysis. CoinDash has the objective to reveal to the public the best traders/investors around and to share their deep insight about this complicated market. The promise is to integrate the best analysts to the CoinDash team and to create a pro trader/investor pool that will provide insights directly on the CoinDash social trading platform in the near future.

2 Finalists, 1 Winner

Here is some interesting quotes from the two finalist analyses:

What are the events that in your perspective have the biggest chance to affect the market, please explain? (i.e China, Korea, Hard Fork etc) ?
I think obviously, the regulation is the most prominent threat the market. We have felt a sample about what can it cause regarding volatility. However, there is one thing for sure that the blockchains will be regulated but not in a bad way. I see regulation as another big step through mass adoption provided crypto assets aren’t entirely banned.
The second biggest threat can come from any serious problem with a major exchange including a hack or closure by countries. It is better not to forget that not all crypto assets have high liquidity levels of Bitcoin and Ethereum so some exchange can dramatically affect prices of some tokens.
On the other hand, the possibility of fiat-based financial crisis can be a massive opportunity for Crypto assets and the market overall. Similarly, any blockchain-technology-related step taken by institutions or corporations can also create significant opportunities for some crypto markets.


How do you pick a winning ICO? (If Whitepaper is one of the criteria, please mention which sections you inspect more thoroughly)?
I pick my Icos in a similar the way I pick underrated crypto projects. TA and charts are useful tools, but my technique is interacting with people, especially in direct contact with the dev teams. I believe that a smart development team ensures the success of an ico. The quality of a team is easily detectable in the crypto world as most dev teams are reachable on various social media channels. Going in there and asking questions gives me a quick overview of how a project is evolving and who is behind it.
Yet, studying the whitepapers is crucial. I search for of the idea’s potential, the token supply and ecosystem, the benefits for token holders and for consumers, as well as the legal aspects and the project’s competition.
Revolutionary ideas can be a huge plus but also a risk factor. A new unproven approach involves more risk than a tested one.
I also analyze how the team responds to the public and how their marketing works. If they are unable to find masses pre ico, why should they after?
I prefer a good coin supply (nothing over 500m), an efficient ecosystem, and a new technology/idea.


Pick the winner!

Moon Trader Competition is a really cool way to learn about cryptocurrencies for newcomers, but not only. Experienced traders that are looking for a deep insight and some fresh ideas about various projects may also be interested in the outcomes of this competition. Of course, nowadays this type of content can be found a bit everywhere on the Internet, but CoinDash‘s pre-selection will help you to find the right analysis faster.

Feel free to check and judge by yourself, and don’t forget to upvote the analysis you like, they will receive a 5 000 CDT prize in addition to the 10 000 CDT they already won by being selected.

Link to the analyses:


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