Who doesn’t know Kim Dotcom? The founder of Megaupload and Mega who is promising us incoming disruptive Internet technologies for months is back with some news that you may like.


After the raid that cost Kim his main project (Megaupload), his villa and a lot of money, the leader of the free download swore that he would come back stronger than ever with a new download platform based on Bitcoin.

While he is fighting for his right to be free, Kim Dotcom is more or less secretly working on a new download platform named Bitcache.

As it is well described on Wikipedia, Bitcache is “an online reward structure for the mass online storage solution Megaupload 2.0. By linking every file transfer to a small bitcoin microtransaction, the Bitcache system provides a feedback mechanism to users with a value associated with each download”.

K.im and Bitcash

Kim doesn’t speak publicly very often, but when he does we have to be interested because he is a guy with nice ideas and a well known rigor when it comes to make things working. How many promising blockchain related projects have been compromised by some amateur mistakes ? Kim’s projects always have been very solid and that is why you may have to consider with some seriousness the following information.

A few hours ago only, Kim announced that next week he will release a first version of Bitcache and K.im, followed by… an ICO, yup!

So, stay tuned and get your ETH ready, because that may be a very lucrative opportunity right there!


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