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Anthony ‘Dumpcry’ Papavassiliou
Co-founder x Site Admin x Editor x Content Manager

Started his academic career as a musicologist while developing applications for online gaming communities. Recently worked for Lionbridge and HTC Vive as a Content and Community Manager and helped with coordination on the Zclassic / ZenCash projects. Crypto trader, advisor and artist, he is the content specialist of FlipHodl.



Emmanuel ‘Emme’ Gimenez
Co-founder x Public Relations x SEO, Social & Marketing Manager

Expert in marketing and SEO strategies as well as an insightful trader, worked for Lionbridge and Zclassic / ZenCash projects too before integrating the CoinDash team as their Marketing & Social Manager. Into cryptos since 2012, he is the eagle eyes and the outreach warrior of FlipHodl.